Eduard Brüll

Curriculum Vitae


10/2013–present Coursework at the Center for Doctoral Studies,
University of Mannheim.
10/2013–present Ph.D. Student, Economics, University of Heidelberg.
10/2010–4/2013 M.Sc. Economics, University of Heidelberg.
Thesis: Patterns of occupational mobility and specialization
Advisor: Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D.
9/2007–9/2010 B.Sc. Business Administration, RWTH Aachen University

Work in Progress

Employment Protection and Fixed Term Contracts: Evidence from Germany

Labor Supply Elasticities at the Intensive and Extensive Margin: Evidence from Hypothetical Choices (joint with Christina Gathmann)

Evolution of the East German Wage Structure (joint with Christina Gathmann)

Conference and Workshop Presentations

2016 EEA/ESEM Annual Conference, Geneva
2016 Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists (EALE), Ghent
2015 Internal Seminar, Heidelberg

Research and Teaching Experience

Research Assitant

10/2013–present Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D., University of Heidelberg,
Chair of Labor Economics and Political Economy.

Teaching Assistant

Spring 2017 Empirical Economics (B.A.), Tutorial, Dr. Arne Warnke
Spring 2016 Empirical Economics (B.A.), Tutorial, Dr. Melanie Arntz
Fall 2015 Family Economics (M.A.), Tutorial, Dr. Holger Stichnoth.
Spring 2015 Empirical Economics (B.A.), Tutorial, Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D.
Fall 2014 Family Economics (M.A.), Tutorial, Dr. Holger Stichnoth.
Fall 2014 Macroeconomics (B.A.), Tutorial, Prof. Dr. Axel Dreher.
Spring 2014 Microeconomics (B.A.), Tutorial, Prof. Christina Gathmann, Ph.D.
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